Persatuan Bot Kecil Malaysia

Summary about PBKM

This association is for owners of small boats and vessels enforced under the Merchant Shipping Ordinance Act 1952. Small boats and ships that involved were under 300 tons. Which are, that consisting of small boats includes fishing boats, cruise boats, transport boats and ferries in the community of boat. There are several comittee members that are being appointed by PBKM to help facilitate the work in several located states. The purpose of the PBKM was to assist and enable small boat owners who belong to the B-40 category to obtain protection insurance such as P&I insurance and H&M insurance with reasonable price .
PBKM also assist in claims incident issue by helping to sort of problems among the parties involved, so that the issue can be settle and the parties that involved can obtain incident claim paid by the insurance company.
PBKM will provide assistance in terms of expertise, related to vehicle repair law, wreck removal and so on.
PBKM implementation the concept of economic freedom, where we welcome others insurance agents, suppliers and other parties to provide services to the members.
So far, apart from MSIG Malaysia, foreign insurance companies such as Amlin, WEST (West Of England) and EF Marine are among the companies that have cooperated and put trust in PBKM.



PBKM a non-profit organization that resolves issues that are faced by the boat owner and small vessel owners so that their interests are protected and grow.
To empower boat owners and small boat owners.



The purpose of the organization was to protect and advance the interests of boat and small vessel owners that operating in Malaysia and each states.
“Together at the harbor and along the coast”

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